Egg Punch 2

Here you can see some screenshots from the game.

egg punch2 level46 150x150 - Egg Punch 2
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egg punch2 level46 - Egg Punch 2

Project Description

Egg Punch 2 is an adventure puzzle casual game for iOS and Android. Featuring dynamic gameplay, realistic and colorful graphics, original locations with incredible mechanisms – don’t miss a chance to join the exciting adventure of EggPunch 2! It’s time to catch the rabbit!

Egg Punch 2 on AppStore

Position Held: Lead Level Designer (Contract Job) on the project Egg Punch 2

Main responsibilities:

  • Managing the team of 4 level designers to bring fun and challenging levels to life;
  • Designing and building fun and engaging levels in Unity;
  • Designing and implementing puzzles and challenges;
  • Working with difficulty curve and pacing in each of the levels as well as for the pack of the levels;
  • Modelling and texturing various props for level designers’ needs;
  • Working with QA to ensure the best level of quality in all of the game’s levels;


All the levels, I was responsible for, were delivered on time, with an outstanding quality and were bug-free.


Here you can see the creation process of one of the levels I’ve worked on. From the initial blockout to the final look. Note that the paper layout with initial ideas is not shown here.

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